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by Alexandra Mazarakis


The Wordwitch

by Joanne Anderton

She was silent when the knights dragged her in. Her head sagged, a waterfall of charcoal hair rippling to cover her face. Her emerald gown was torn at the bodice and skirt, and I could see skin, ivory and pink. Sharp, metallic footsteps reverberated from the stone walls and steel doors. I repressed a wince.Read more…

Chasing Jerohim

by Martin Turton

The drop-off point had been chosen well. So how could everything have gone so badly? Addison rested both elbows on her desk, her eyes focused on the screen of the viewer. It was the third time she had watched the recording, and yet still she felt as though she was missing something. The screen showedRead more…

Right Time, Right Place

by Aliya Whiteley

8.17am ‘Tom?’ she called up the stairs. ‘Have you got a minute?’ She heard a door opening; at this time in the morning, probably the bathroom door. Sharing a flat meant getting to know other people’s routines. ‘What’s up?’ ‘The grill’s making a funny noise.’ Helen turned back to the kitchen. The cooker was whistling,Read more…

The Death of James A. Garfield

by Rob Hunter

You probably picked up this tale expecting one of those conspiracy theory tell-alls. I mean from the title and all. Nope. This is a more like a story about how I met the Tooth Fairy than it is about the late President’s ghost. In the middle of the Twentieth Century mysterious things were still reportedRead more…

The Good Unicorn

by Andrea Bodel

Levani heard the shout of her master and threw herself into the harness. She pulled with her whole mind, her whole being, knowing that she alone could wrestle the giant log to the top of the mountain. When it reached the crest, it would be cut neatly and nailed together into more profitable goods. “GoodRead more…

Enter the Sky Man

by Cheryl Holland

The wagons and caravans, their once bright colours cracked and faded, stood in a neat circle behind tents that had also seen better days. Posts marked a perimeter, linked together with string hung with ribbons. They fluttered listlessly in the breeze that stirred the dry topsoil. Jason shielded his eyes and looked up at theRead more…

The Kurse of Kain

by Billy Wong

Sir Albright the Black, new mayor of the town of Glen, grunted and swore as he tried to remove his mail hauberk. He’d just come home from his initiation parade, and now couldn’t finish removing his armor. “Help me, will you Leonard? I can’t get this thing off. I think it shrunk in the cold.”Read more…