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Agony At Yggdrasil

by Eugene Lewis Carter III

Agony At Yggdrasil

The Grace of the Foolish

by Jennifer Linnaea

In the thirtieth summer of her life, the sacred clown of the goddess Aelmatia stood in the rain in the market square, laughing. Water ran in rivulets down her face; the bright blue and red cloth of her shirt clung to her arms as she slapped her hands on her body in an imitation ofRead more…

The Pig’s End

by Julia Kelso

He jerked awake, bloody, in pain. He rumbled in confusion. This wasn’t the pain he was used to. His blood not shed like this. He lurched to his feet and let out a bellow of surprise at the pain shooting through his legs and back. He could feel the sharp tugging of raw edges thatRead more…


by Catherine Cheek

For Milana, meeting one of the Old Ones was like meeting a tiger in the woods. It was a rare, once-in-a-life-time story that might impress strangers at parties, but only if you survived long enough to repeat it.

The Lady and the Dragon

by Chandelle Lance

A dragon. Everyone was off to see the dragon, to give Mary to him. I was left behind, alone. Father said it wasn’t dignified for a lady to see Mary taken by the dragon. It wasn’t like I had never seen the dragon before. No one could miss his massive form when he came toRead more…

The Alchemist’s Wife

by Paula R. Stiles

My husband told me yesterday that I was pure silver. Some women would accept this as the greatest of compliments. “Some women” are not married to my husband. Late that morning, he ordered me down to the dank badger’s lair in the cellar that he calls a “laboratory”, crowded with curling tubes and decanters fullRead more…

Blackbird Pie

by Autumn Canter

When my mother had me out, she knew she’d been cuckolded as easy as a finger snap. She could look back on the very moment–in the market with a basket full of gutted fish hanging from the crease of her elbow and her son pulling at her free hand while swiping snot from under hisRead more…