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Welcome to Issue 13, November 2009

by the Editors

Better late than never!

Golden Egg

by Marge Simon

Golden Egg

Side Roads

by Lisa A. Koosis

“And Jesus wept!” she said, huffing out a breath. “Benjamin, you aren’t serious.” Loose gravel crunched beneath the tires as Ben pulled the car to a stop beside the weather-worn sign. The sign looked hand-painted, like it had once been quite colorful before being sand-blasted, and faded by the desert’s merciless sunlight. Layers of airRead more…

Chanlis and Desira

by D. Kiplan

Each man held a torch in his hand, only waiting for Garet to give the signal to burn the ships. Garet looked over where Chanlis hid in the oak-leaf bushes. Chanlis shuddered. His eyes shifted from side to side, trying to catch a telling sign of movement. It was all too easy. By the nervousRead more…

The Girl (Heart That’s Healing)

by Shawnee Heimpel

-1- Destry’s mind wandered out over the half-frozen lake. He was half-way bundled up for the freezing February weather; the heavy coat, hat, and gloves were warm, but his jeans were not. His butt was so cold he wouldn’t have been surprised if, on getting up, he found himself half-stuck to the metal bench. WhoRead more…

The Cold Pools

by Chris Ward

Coming up to the cold pools along the main approach road it was difficult to see anything other than the huge bluff that formed a natural barrier against the heat rising up from the valley as thick as smoke. Already, cheaper tourist hotels were beginning to make an appearance, with their gaudy facades and neonRead more…

The Only One He Ever Feared

by Patty Jansen

The blare of trumpets cascaded through the Great Hall. Every voice fell quiet, from the lowest servant to the noble lords and ladies and the king himself. Taking his dear wife’s arm, Sir Berthold the Brave stepped onto the red carpet, holding aloft a dragon’s claw. Whispers followed him across the hall. ‘He tore itRead more…

Charlotte’s Family Tree

by Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Charlotte noted the copy of Swiss Family Robinson on her daughter’s night stand. “Is that the story Daddy read you tonight?” Abby nodded. “Mommy, will you please take me to Disney World?” And because Charlotte had never believed in telling her child half-truths or responding with vague answers, she said, “No.”

To Each A Song

by Christopher Johnstone

The craft of the air always flew west, the direction of the war. They never flew back and perhaps this was because the wounded were sent back by train or perhaps it was because the great ships of the air were too desperately needed at the front. Audrey was not very good at following theRead more…

The Wall

by Cort L. Lynn

At the foot of the wall, Nia dug for clams. The smooth gray jewels burrowed away from her probing toes. She scooped fast with her hands before they could escape, then sifted the sea-soaked sand from the shells and dropped them, clattering, into the pail. Hot clam soup would make Mother feel better. They’d haveRead more…