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Welcome to Issue 18, August 2010


Adam and Eve

by Jeff Foster

Adam and Eve

Journal of an Artist

by Jamie Lackey

April 9 The angels watch over us. Everyone knows that. It’s their job–it’s why they built them. The angels are beautiful. I like to watch them fly, with the sunlight glittering off of their gold or silver wings. They look like people, from what I can tell, but bigger. I don’t know if anyone elseRead more…

Breaking the Ice

by Devyani Borade

At forty-five miles per hour, I am going faster than the maximum speed limit of several European roads. The wind screams past my ears with a high whine and wisps of clammy hair stick to my scalp like stubborn lime scales at the bottom of the kettle. All around me, people are flailing their armsRead more…


by Kristy Webster

At age fifty, after three decades of rejection, Eldon marries an onion. Before the onion, Eldon had fallen in love with hundreds of women. They were always young, slender, and charming. The first woman he ever proposed to was named Lita, she had red hair and wore a pointy bra under pink angora. He saidRead more…

On the River

by R.S. Bohn

Well, I said, pull that river barge up. Let me come up. Up, up. Out of the city, off the cement docks, the wharfs. Let me up there, and I swear, I’ll help you clean this river. River barge captains are notorious bargainers. Sure, he said, sure. You can ride for free, but you’ll haveRead more…

Ring Without a Stone

by Michael Lee

Ordinarily, Anzu would not have tarried from the errand his master had assigned him, but there was something oddly alluring about the stranger performing magic tricks in the bazaar, something that wouldn’t simply allow him to walk idly past and go about his master’s business. Try as he did to ignore the spectacle, his eyesRead more…

Tale of a Fox

by Kate MacLeod

For the first time in four years of marriage, Asuka did not find her husband’s awkward manner and shy smiles endearing. She watched in annoyance as Masuyo got to his feet in a lurch, the movement too hurried to be graceful, and then entangled himself in his long sleeves. The bunkan sokutai she had soRead more…